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Welcome and Merry Christmas. It seems every year the shopping frenzy around Christmas gifts and the hottest items of the year starts earlier and earlier.

Disney Netpal Pink

This year you've come to the right place to get the top gift ideas for 2010.

Not only that but you can get them quickly and easily. No hassles and in time for the magical day.

Just remember one thing...The most popular toys sell out early and quickly.

So...have the kids done their letters to Santa Lego Star Wars Republic Gunship already? What's on their list this year? You'll find that list right here so you can make their Christmas wishes come true.

We have teamed up with to bring you the largest and best gift selections for the season.

Don't put off your Christmas shopping. Browse the site and rest assured that these are the best online rates for your Christmas gift list. Prices are updated frequently so you get the best bargains available. And don't forget about free shipping!

Let's get started shall we?




Anything that says Sony PlayStation on it always turns out to be a mega-hit come Christmas time. The PSPgo was released in October 2009, just in time for holiday shopping.

It looks similar to an iPhone in size and features a slide up lid. The game controls are revealed for game play anywhere. Fits easily in a pocket or purse.

The PSPgo is for those gamers who want to go digital. The UMDs are gone. All games must be downloaded from the Sony PlayStation store and saved on the PSPgo. Additional storage is available through a memory stick.

Watch movies or listen to your music even when the console is closed up. Parents will feel safe when they use the parental controls available for web surfing and ESRB rated games.

Don't wait too long. Gamers of all ages will want one of these new gadgets under the tree this year.

PSPgo Piano Black >>> 


[1] Bakugan Maxus Dragonoid 7 In 1 $39 - $43 

Don't underestimate the popularity of the Bakugan toys and accompanying strategy game. The Maxus Dragonoid is sure to be a hit this holiday season.  The appeal for Bakugan fans will be the six traps included with the Bakugan Maxus Dragonoid 7 In 1 that have never been shown before. 

Bakugan are great for kids to play with and also a delight for collectors of the little spring-loaded balls that open up into Bakugan warriors.

Take apart the Dragonoid, play with the traps and put him back together again until the next Bakugan strategy game.

Bakugan Maxus Dragonoid 7 In 1 >>>


[2] Rocky The Robot Truck $39 - $41

This dump truck is no ordinary toy truck. This is Rocky The Robot Truck and your children will have a blast playing with him. Rocky The Robot truck Deluxe

Rocky is an interactive truck that talks to your child, honks his horn and makes other truck sounds and even snores when he falls asleep. He speaks 100 different phrases and tells jokes to keep your little one giggling away. Press the smoke stack and Rocky The Robot Truck begins to dance.

This robot truck is so much fun girls will probably like it too. Requires 4 "C" batteries (included).

Suitable for ages 3+

Rocky The Robot Truck >>>


[3] NERF N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 $29 - $35

If your kids are going to play cops and robbers or Star Wars Galactic Empire vs the Rebel Alliance you want them playing with NERF guns. Nerf N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS-35

Virtually harmless but a whole lot of fun NERF blasters are a hit with kids of all ages. The CS-35 is no exception. In fact, it has been called the best NERF weapon yet. The magazine drum attached to the gun holds up to 35 NERF darts. The stock is adjustable to fit any child.

Suitable for ages 6+

NERF N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 >>>


[4] Fisher-Price Elmo Live Encore $65 - $70

In celebration of Sesame Street's 40th anniversary the folks at Fisher-Price are releasing the new and improved version of Elmo Live, a popular gift last Christmas. Elmo Live Encore

Elmo Live Encore comes with a new story, new jokes and new phrases. He is nevertheless the same old Elmo you and your kids have always loved and giggled right alongside with.

Elmo is totally interactive. He sits, stands and even crosses his legs while telling stories. Your child will adore him. You just might find him next to your children while they sleep.

Includes 6 "AA" batteries

Suitable for children 18 months - 6 years

Fisher-Price Elmo Live Encore >>>


[5] Disney Netpal Pink $242 - $436

Disney has teamed up with Asus to come out with a notebook perfect for children. It features Disney character desktop screens, age appropriate for all kids. For example, Woody from Toy Story for the younger ones and Jonas Brothers for the older. Disney Netpal

The Disney Netpal weighs in at a very light four pounds but don't let its size fool you. It is a full fledged notebook built tough to withstand a child's use. The computer comes with immediate access to Radio Disney and a photo scrapbook.

Parental controls have been installed on the Netpal and all parents are encouraged to set these up.

Disney Netpal Pink >>>


[6] Smart Cycle Extreme $70 - $80

One of the most serious problems of our times is childhood obesity. Fisher-Price is working on that issue by coming out with a Smart Cycle for kids. Smart Cycle Extreme

The Smart Cycle Extreme connects directly to your television. Insert the video program and your child will learn as he "works out" on the machine. Preschool concepts such as numbers, letters, shapes and colors are reinforced by some of kids' favorite characters. If they get bored with one, put another one in and watch the fun begin again.

When it comes to fitness it's important to set a good example for your child. Spending time with them while staying in shape couldn't be any more fun than this.

Suitable for children 3 - 6 years

Fisher-Price Smart Cycle Extreme >>>


HOT PICK FEATURED GIFT: Crayon Maker By Crayola

Have you ever wondered what you were going to do with all those broken crayons your kids leave lieing around the house? Well, Crayola did too so they created a machine that melts the wax down and makes cool new crayons. Crayola Crayon Maker

Imagine what happens if you melt three different colored crayons together. You end up with a multi-colored swirled crayon. Kids can let their creative genius show through with a couple of these new crayons.

Adult supervision is recommended when using this device. There is a safety locking hood but still, temperatures will get hot very quickly.

Suitable for children 8+

Crayola Crayon Maker >>>


[7] Dora Links Doll $24 - $50

A lot of children these days have grown up watching the adventures of Dora the Explorer and her cousin, Diego. Dora has grown into a teenager now with the new Dora Links doll. Dora Links Doll

Dora plugs into your computer using a USB cord. Bring up the Dora Links website and the doll will interact with Dora and her friends in their hometown of Puerto Verde. As girls explore and solve the online mysteries,the doll’s speech, eye color and jewelry color can change to correspond with their play.

The educational reasons for having a Dora doll are still intact with this program. Dora speaks and translates Spanish. She and her new friends are also concerned with environmental issues and helping people. Great things for young girls to be aware of and loads of fun at the same time.

Suitable for children 5 - 10 years

Mattel Dora Links Doll >>>


[8] LEGO Star Wars Republic Gunship $218 - $230

When you combine LEGO building blocks and the blockbuster, Star Wars, you've got one heck of a great product. Kids of all ages enjoy LEGOs and when you are building a Star Wars gunship it can't get much better. Lego Star Wars Republic Gunship

The LEGO Star Wars Republic Gunship includes 1,034 pieces and some of them can be very small. It comes with 7 miniature Star Wars figurines. The gunship has cannons you can position, a removable command module and bay doors that open and close.

There are a lot of Star Wars collectors out there who would really enjoy putting this Star Wars gunship together and putting it on the shelf with their other LEGO Star Wars creations.

Suitable for children 9+

LEGO Star Wars Republic Gunship >>>


HOT PICK FEATURED GIFT: Melissa and Doug Puzzles

Melissa and Doug toy makers have been around since the late 1980s. They have been extremely popular with parents since day one. The quality and craftsmanship is superb. They specialize in wooden toys and puzzles which makes them safe for little hands and mouths. Melissa and Doug Puzzles

You cannot go wrong with any of their creations. Imaginations will soar during playtime with any Melissa and Doug products. They are educational toys helping young children learn their ABCs and their 123s as well as improving their dexterity and problem solving abilities. Most importantly, they are colorful, include large pieces and are FUN!

Parents will have a good time helping their kids to work through the puzzles and be amazed at how often the child picks up one of these toys to play with. These are truly gifts loved by both children and grown-ups.

Suitable for children 3+

Melissa and Doug Puzzles >>>


[9] Toy Story Mania Wii $39 - $40

The movie Toy Story from Disney/Pixar was a hit the day it premiered. Since then that group has released Toy Story 2 and most recently made both movies 3D and put them in theatres as a double feature. June 2010 was an exciting time when Toy Story 3 hit the big screen.  Toy Story Mania Wii

The success of Toy Story and its products led Disney to create an interactive ride at their theme parks. Patrons wear 3D glasses for a 4D ride into a carnival shooting gallery with various games. With lines over 2 hours long Disney/Pixar knew they had something good.

Enter Toy Story Mania for Wii. This Nintendo Wii game comes with 3D glasses to give you the same effects you would have on the ride at a Disney park. Included are 10 different shooting style arcade games and 30 addictive mini-games. These are perfect for game night with the family.

Toy Story Mania Wii >>>


[10] Nintendo DSi $135 - $170

Nintendo handheld video consoles are always a big hit at Christmas time. The DSi was a new product in 2009 and takes the DS line to bigger and better things. Nintendo DSi Pink

The new DSi is slimmer while at the same time boasting a bigger screen than its baby brother, the DS. The audio quality has also been improved but the coolest innovation on the DSi is the dual digital camera that allows you to take pictures inward and outward. Once taken the user can format them in several different "creative" ways for lots of friendly fun. Pictures can be saved in the Nintendo DSi Camera album and uploaded to your Facebook page from there.

The Nintendo DSi comes with a slot to insert a SD card carrying your own downloaded tunes for listening pleasure. DS catridges are compatible with the new DSi so there is no need to buy extra games.

There are restrictions this Christmas as to how many Nintendo DSis a single household can purchase. That should tell you that these are going to disappear off the shelves very quickly. Don't miss out and have to wait until 2011. Go get the new Nintendo video game console now.

Nintendo DSi Video Game >>>